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is hellen


UI/UX Designer 

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UI/UX designer with experience in creating and prototyping screens and layouts.

All my projects are designed to facilitate the flow so that each and every potential user can use the website/app/system intuitively without losing the beauty of the design.


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I started my experience with web design in 2017, creating screens directly in the WordPress dashboard, with the visual editor Elementor. During the pandemic, I realized that I could and needed to evolve, so I invested in a UI/UX career. I took some courses and started a Google UX certification.


My specialties

I think of design and interaction solutions to create intuitive and simple interfaces that make life easier for the end user.
Good Design should not only be beautiful, it should be intuitive and cause a feeling of familiarity with the interface.
As UI/UX, we combine two worlds: Taking your idea off the ground, transforming it into a visible, interactive, intuitive, simple and beautiful interface.

As a Web Designer I have the ability to transform ideas and prototypes conceived as UI/UX and put them to work.
Currently, I use WordPress to transform my interfaces into attractive and easy to manage websites and online stores.
So it is possible to make some dreams come true using a platform that the whole world knows and uses.

I create incredible websites and blogs using this world-renowned, open-source platform that allows you to use your imagination to create (almost) anything! Did you know that this darling powers 43% of the websites in the entire world website market and 65% of websites built using CMS? So it is! I WordPress.
The same goes for Woocommerce, which is a plugin that you add to your WordPress transforming it into a sales platform.I have already created virtual stores, a ticket sales website and even a marketplace using Woocommerce.It’s cliché, but I have to say: I Woocommerce!

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